Webbing sling

Webbing sling

Web sling Many different designs are available and the most popular are endless nylon slings and eye and eye lifting slings. Polyester and nylon endless slings allow the user to rotate the sling connection and load contact points. Eye and Eye slings are available in flat eye or half twist eye designs. Half twist eyes allow for a more efficient choker hitch. All nylon and polyester sling eyes are wrapped with additional material at the bearing points of the sling eyes to prevent damage at the connection points, enhancing the sling life cycle. Other heavy duty rigging slings like Reversed Eye slings and Wide Body Cargo slings are also readily available. Endless, Eye and Eye and Reversed Eye lifting straps can be used in all three hitches: choker, vertical and basket. Wide Body Cargo slings should only be used in a basket hitch and never in choker or vertical hitch applications.


The colour combination as shown in the chart is a mere indicator, however the colour may change subject to availability of raw materials.

Simplex Webbing Slings

Two types : Flat webbing & Endless sling

Flat and wide load bearing surface

Lifts smooth and fragile objects without risk of damage

High strength to weight ratio

Colour coded for identification even when soiled

Wide variety of lifting modes

Anti-abrasion webbing sheave (AAWS) protection available

Anti-cutting Sobitex polyurethane sleeves to protect your webbing slings from extra sharp edges

Conforms to B. S. 3481 Part 2

Round Endless sling

Round Endless sling are popular for their versatility and strength. They can be used in choker, vertical and basket hitch applications. Polyester endless round slings feature a continuous loop. The design of the continuous loop allows the load contact point to change with each application. The alternating of load points helps extend the life of the round endless sling. This jacket protects the inner lifting fibers from wear, abrasion and exposure to other environmental conditions. All polyester endless round slings are color coated to indicated load capacity and come with a durable tag for easy identification.

Cargo Lashing Ratchet

Pioneer in the industry, we are engaged in supplying, manufacturing, and exporting an impeccable range of Cargo Lashing Ratchet. The given ratchet is used in various industrial sectors engaging packaging and transporting agencies. This ratchet is made of using polyester and advanced technology. Our professionals make sure that entire ratchet is manufactured following to the industry standards under the strict observation. In addition with it, provided ratchet can be availed from us at reasonable rates.

Zebra flat webbing slings

Zebra flat webbing slings are manufactured from high tenacity, 100% polyester yarn. Simplex slings is a single layered webbing. Sling ends are terminated either in reinforced loops or any combination of metal end fittings. Manufacturers's test certificate is provided for safe work load along with the slings. Simplex slings are preferred because of their broad width which gives wider support to lifts. The slings are of three types, namely simplex sling with soft eyes, simplex sling with } metal end fitting and endless sling. They normally lift loads with the sling revved around the load (Choke hitch), or on two parts of the sling (Basket Hitch). They are tested in straight pull.

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